7 Recipes to Level Up Your Egg Game

1 egg, endless possibilties! Whether you are looking to fill your tummy for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can't go wrong with these egg-cellent egg recipes.

Luscious runny eggs placed over a bed of buttery mash potatoes , this jar is all you need for a perfectly filling breakfast. A great and innovative way to serve poached eggs!

Add a refreshing twist to your eggs benedict with a  creamy avocado hollandaise for the ultimate brunch.

This classic Thai recipe calls for you to gently half-boil the eggs before frying them in a tangy tamarind sauce. The crisp skin and runny yolk makes for a heavenly combo.

Topped with a spicy jalapeno chimichurri and gooey melty cheese, this fried egg sandwich is to die for! Pack it for lunch in just 30 minutes.

You'll have no regrets whipping up this no-greens salad! Who knew egg and trout could go so well together?

Home made fried rice is always hearty and filling. Serve up this classic dish with a beautiful sunny side up for a completely meal.

Start your day right with this wholesome breakfast which only tajes 25 minutes to make!